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Not every woman is born with the curves that they desire. We, the creators of stacked, are no exception. We have tested and tried many different products with no results, little results or bad side effects. Which brought us to researching, making and testing on our own and using the safest and best ingredients. After all who would want to use something that wasn’t tested by it’s creator? Stacked naturally adds fat to the desired area ; unlike other products on the market Stacked doesn’t overload your body with high amounts of phytoestrogens, which can be damaging and unsafe.

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 Love To Be Stacked was created by women for women wanting to enhance their curves, whether it’s your butt or breasts we’re sure Love To Be Stacked will help you. Our ingredients are 100% natural and when we say natural we mean natural!!! 

No dangerous chemicals, surgeries or injections at all! Love To Be Stacked is unique blend of herbs and oils especially formulated to enlarge the butt and breasts. Within two weeks you’ll start to see improvements in plumpness, roundness and firmness. Simply rub Love To Be Stacked on your butt and/or breasts twice a day and watch as your curves become more defined by the day. 

Individual results will vary. Healthy diet and exercise aren’t necessary but for maximum results is advised. We suggest exercises that target the glutes; some examples are donkey kicks, butt bridges and squats.



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